Summary Scanner Solutions in Research

The Problems

Gathering information for research shouldn’t be like assembling a puzzle where each piece is a different data source. With information coming from online news articles, research papers, videos, and even internal documents, the process of collecting data is a massive source of inefficiency.

The speed at which information is updated is constantly increasing, rendering data that has been previously gathered to be quickly outdated. As a result, the information needs to be renewed and the data collection process conducted all over again.

Lastly, extracting all of the information from the different data sources is a time-consuming and manual task that requires reading hundreds of articles and papers. This often results in information overload and lower retention rates which add to the inefficiencies associated with traditional research processes.

What We Do

Aggregate Data Sources

Advanced algorithms deliver aggregated data from all sources right into a single news feed to reduce the scattered nature of information. News articles, research papers, videos, and internal documents are all refreshed in real time so the content is always updated. Build custom feeds with specific parameters, search by keywords, or upload entire documents to find the most relevant information from both online and offline sources.

Increase Visibility

To further reduce the isolated nature of information within teams and entire organizations, Summary Scanner delivers internal documents that are similar in nature and context to uploaded documents or searched keywords. In doing so, individuals and teams within the same organization experience a greater degree of collaboration and internal transparency on similar work done by others.

Data Processing

Beyond presenting the information, Summary Scanner helps to increase reading efficiency by generating automatic summaries, extracting keywords, entities, and concepts from all of the content. Reading time is reduced while more time can be allocated towards critical thinking and analysis.


  • Automatic Extraction (Keywords, Entities, and Concepts)
  • Automatic Summarization
  • Curated Content (News, Wikipedia Pages, Research Papers, Videos, and Internal Documents)
  • Highly Customized and Updated Feeds (Filter by Categories, Date Range, Content Type, and Site)


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