Summary Scanner Solutions in Monitoring

The Problems

With more data being published online than ever before across all types of sites, it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor points of interest with a high degree of speed and accuracy. Furthermore, key information is often lost among the irrelevant data, or “noise”. This combination of noise and large number of data sources widens the gap between the available and valuable information as well as inhibits the ability to efficiently derive meaningful insights.

What We Do

In real time, Summary Scanner cuts through the noise by aggregating highly tailored content from across the web. From news, blogs, discussions, reviews, and videos, a comprehensive view of all relevant web activities can be captured in a single feed. Beyond this, feeds can be personalized to the interest of every reader including filters for date ranges, various categories, content types, and specific sites. Whether for tracking competitor activities or customer discussions about a particular brand, the platform helps readers achieve any monitoring goal across multiple industry verticals to maximize visibility.


  • Personalized Live Feeds (Customize Date Ranges, Content Types, Content Categories, and Specific Sites)
  • Aggregate Information into a Single Feed (News, Discussions, Blogs, Reviews, and Videos)
  • Supports Multiple Feeds for Different Monitoring Goals
  • Dynamic Searches (Single or Multiple Keywords)


Summary Scanner accomodates teams of any size. Fill out the form below and we would be happy to find a plan that works for your budget and scope of needs.