A View of Your Documents Like Never Before

Leverage an Automated Workforce with AI


  • Extract Keywords, Entities, and Concepts
  • Receive Curated News, Wikipedia Pages, and Research Papers
  • Retrieve internal documents that are similar in nature and context

Let Summary Scanner Handle It

Secure Storage

Securely store, manage, and access documents with business-grade security

Extract Keywords

Instantly receive keywords, entities, and concepts to improve analysis efficiency


Whether a particular term or title, Summary Scanner helps find the most important information


Convert text files to audio recordings that can be saved and listened to anywhere

Curated News

Advanced algorithms recommend the most relevant news, Wikipedia pages, and research papers based on uploaded documents

Live Feeds

Bringing up-to-the-minute information from both internal and external sources for the greatest degree of understanding

Internal Visibility

Discover highly relevant work within the organization for greater collaboration and visibility


Automatically reduce the amount of text by identifying the most importance sentences

Designed for Simplicity

Leave the manual work to us.

Use Cases


Automate the Data Mining Process with Artificial Intelligence

Collecting and processing information is a manual task that can take hours to complete for those in research. With information scattered across news articles, research papers, videos, and even internal documents, getting the highest degree of visibility and understanding is difficult and inefficient.


Efficiently Monitor All Web Content in Aggregated Feeds

Whether monitoring the activity of competitors, brands, or financial news of a stock, keeping constantly updated can be inefficient given the vast variety in data sources. From blogs to discussions, news to videos, the dynamic landscape of web content is increasingly difficult to navigate and understand effectively.

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