A View of Your Documents Like Never Before

Leverage an Automated Workforce with AI


  • Extract Keywords, Entities, and Concepts
  • Redact Confidential Information
  • Receive Curated News, Wikipedia Pages, and Research Papers
  • Retrieve internal documents that are similar in nature and context

Let Summary Scanner Handle It

Secure Storage

Securely store, manage, and access documents with business-grade security

Extract Keywords

Instantly receive keywords, entities, and concepts to improve analysis efficiency


Whether a particular term or title, Summary Scanner helps find the most important information


Convert text files to audio recordings that can be saved and listened to anywhere

Curated News

Advanced algorithms recommend the most relevant news, Wikipedia pages, and research papers based on uploaded documents


Protect confidential information in seconds by redacting all or specified keywords in documents

Internal Visibility

Discovery highly relevant work within the organization for greater collaboration and visibility


Automatically reduce the amount of text by identifying the most importance sentences

Designed for Simplicity

Leave the manual work to us.

Use Cases


Automate the data mining process by extracting key information in seconds

Whether a legal document or news report, our platform turns the hours of manual data mining into a matter of seconds. Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, summaries, concepts, keywords, entities, and highly tailored recommended content can be obtained instantly from any uploaded document. Spend less time searching for the valuable data and more time conducting meaningful analysis.

Information Protection

Manage and protect sensitive information seamlessly

The importance of data protection has never been more evident given the nature of electronic documents. Whether for government or corporate entities, ensuring that confidential information remains private is crucial, but a manual and time-consuming process.

To ensure that the redaction process is done accurately and in the most efficient manner, Summary Scanner automatically identifies over 15 different categories of entities or allows for the manual entry of keywords for the greatest degree of customized redaction. Redact files and information in seconds, not hours.


Increase productivity and information retention

Important data can easily be lost and forgotten when reading large amounts of text. Transform the way in which information is consumed through MP3 conversions that enable documents to be listened to while on-the-go. Reduce the time spent searching for related content as our algorithms recommend articles, Wikipedia pages, and research papers to optimize learning. Work smarter by receiving hidden data and curated content so you can focus on critical thinking.

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